Ritz-Craft Corporation

FAQs About Off-Site Built Modular Homes

What is an off-site built modular home?
Ritz-Craft homes are constructed in a climate controlled environment using state of the art engineering and assembly line techniques. Ritz-Craft uses the same brand name building materials and builds to the same building code requirements as any local “on-site builder”. State or independent third party inspectors carefully inspect each home we build. Modular homes are shipped to the building site on two or more carriers, erected on the foundation by a qualified set crew and completed by an established Ritz-Craft builder/dealer. The builder/dealer is an independent business entity, not an agent of Ritz-Craft Corporation. Once completed, modular homes are indistinguishable from “on-site built” homes.

How does a Ritz-Craft modular home differ from a “manufactured or mobile home”?
Manufactured homes, sometimes referred to as mobile homes, are built to the HUD Code, a national code for manufactured housing. The HUD Code, unlike conventional state building codes used by modular home manufacturers and site builders, requires manufactured homes to be built on non-removable steel chassis. Many neighborhoods exclude manufactured homes but accept modular homes because they are built to the same code as site-built homes.

ENERGY STAR partnerAre Ritz-Craft modular homes energy efficient?
Yes. Ritz-Craft is an ENERGY STAR® partner and committed to using energy efficient building methods and materials. Our homes are built standard with 2” x 6” exterior walls and R-19 insulation, R-30 blown-in ceiling insulation, warm edge thermopane low-e glass windows, and insulated exterior doors.  Ritz-Craft also offers an optional fluorescent lighting package that meets the requirements of ENERGY STAR®.

I hear a lot about "Green" building. Are modulars green?
Green building is a practice of using sustainable materials and designs in new construction.  Yes, modular homes are by their very nature green.  Assembly in an enclosed indoor enviornment contributes to reduced waste of material at the factory and at the job site, lessens the enviornmental impact on the land and the community where the house is being delivered, and allows for a tighter built structure to maximize energy efficiency - all of which are key components to green building standards.  For more information, visit www.nahb.org/greenbuilding.

Can I build a custom plan of my own design?
Computer aided drafting (CAD), allows for precision customization of your floor plan design. However, shipping restrictions and production constraints can affect the design. If you have a plan picked out, we suggest that you submit it for approval or for changes that will enable us to build your home. Ritz-Craft also has a complete portfolio of floor plans, designs and elevations that can be modified. Modifications are normally less expensive than a custom built design. Our goal is to turn your dream home into a reality.

How long does it take to build a modular home?
The time it takes to build your Ritz-Craft home varies by season and Ritz-Craft’s order “backlog”. That being said, one of the advantages of building a modular home is speed of construction. When your builder places your order it will go into Ritz-Craft’s backlog of homes to be built, which typically runs 5 to 10 weeks. While your home is on order the site work on your building lot will be completed. On average a modular home consisting of two modules will take about 6 days to build in the factory. After delivery to the site and setting the home on the foundation, the builder will take about 4 to 8 weeks to finish the home. The builder’s time frame depends on the amount of additional site work, such as garages, porches or decks that are to be built, and the builders backlog of other homes to finish. You can move into your new modular home much quicker than a typical site-built home.

Are Ritz-Craft modular homes covered by a warranty?
Yes. Every Ritz-Craft home comes with a full one year limited warranty and starting in 2007, a 10-year structural warranty. Ritz-Craft has a dedicated service department that works with your builder and his staff to provide professional service. In addition, many of the brand name components, such as appliances, shingles and siding used in your home, are covered by separate manufacturer warranties.

How much does a Ritz-Craft modular home cost? Can you send me a modular home price list?

Ritz-Craft is a manufacturing company and we only sell homes to a network of builder/dealers. We do not sell directly to homebuyers because we depend on our builders/dealers to provide professional installation and completion of our homes. The pricing of a home is dependant on the options you select and the scope of work preformed by the builder/dealer. Therefore, your contract and pricing will come from your builder/dealer. Ritz-Craft will be happy to refer you to a builder/dealer in your area. Please fill out and submit the “Request Info.” form under the “Contact us” section of our web site and we will use that information to direct you to a builder/dealer in your area.

How do I finance a modular home?
Mortgage lenders treat modular homes the same as stick-built homes and offer the same mortgage options. Modular homes are also treated the same as site-built homes when it comes to appraisals and insurance. In addition, modular homes appreciate in value at the same rate as comparable site built homes in your area.

How can I locate a Ritz-Craft builder/dealer or obtain more information?
Please fill out and submit the “Request Info.” form under the “Contact us” section of our web site and we will use that information to direct you to a builder/dealer in your area.