Ritz-Craft Company History

 1954Ritz-Craft was founded, building the first manufacturing plant in Argos, Indiana

 1968 – Ritz-Craft opened a facility in Mifflinburg, PA.  Paul R. John, Don Ritzenthaler, Glenn Cunningham and Bob Roney, were original Ritz-Craft managers.

 1991 – A formal management & ownership succession plan was established that introduced Paul D. John as President/CEO and Eric John as Vice President of Ritz-Craft

 1998 – Ritz-Craft invested in a 65,000 square foot kitchen cabinet manufacturing facility in Mifflinburg, PA, giving birth to Legacy Crafted Cabinets

 2000 – A 175,000 square foot modular home manufacturing plant was built in Jonesville, MI

 2005 – Ritz-Craft built a new 200,000 square foot modular home manufacturing plant in Hamlet, NC

 2006 – Ritz-Craft established a trucking company named Ritz-Trans to transport modular homes for manufacturers, with the capability to transport coast to coast

 2007Legacy Building Products, a building materials distribution company was added to the family to ensure Ritz-Craft could offer their customers the best pricing possible by cutting out the middleman on many option choices